This is such a terrific Seinfeld scene - but the blooper reel is even better!


Quite a gnomic statement, this week, from Pamela Anderson. “Ordering sex online is like ordering a book on Amazon,” she commented, in a “poem” on her Facebook page.

CW is deeply intrigued by this. What exactly does Anderson mean? That for £4.49 you can get express delivery? It’s £2 cheaper if you order it via Sark? Or that, almost inevitably, the postman will try to ram a slightly too big parcel through your letterbox, then ring on your doorbell, saying, “Sorry about the damage to your flaps, love”? CW is confused.

Caitlin Moran on Pamela Anderson - Celebrity Watch, The Times, Friday 25th July.

*signs up for Amazon Prime*

Ross Murdoch’s face after beating Michael Jamieson to win the Men’s 200m breast stroke was a thing of beauty.

Terriers take turn in Games spotlight →

Meet Hamish and Jock - the stars of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

"Jock decided he wasn’t wanting to wear the coat…so I carried him all the way around!"

What the hell? Hello new followers!

Where did 20 of you come from?  I’m lucky if I’ve had 20 new followers all year!

I should be honest right off the bat, though, and let you know that my blog doesn’t EVER get the level of activity it has had over the last 20 hours.  I consider it a small victory if a post of mine gets one note; five notes is a triumph.  My posts only ever get into double digit notes if I’ve posted a Caitlin Moran article and the awesome fuck yeah! Tumblr has reblogged it. 

I don’t have an ‘about me’ page - but typically my blog is gig reviews, Spotify songs and I’ll maybe occassionally reblog some Seinfeld, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock and similar.  But on the evidence of last night and today it would seem that maybe I’ve been doing Tumblr “wrong”.  I made 3 posts about the Scotty dogs leading out the Commonwealth nations at the opening ceremony last night and between them they have attracted around 1,400 notes - I would guess that’s more than every post on my entire blog has achieved in over 3 years here!  Ha ha.  There’s a pretty good chance that this post itself will get zero notes and all of you will be massively disappointed and have unfollowed me by the weekend.

So, I don’t know, I’m maybe going to make a “Scotty Dogs of the Commonwealth” blog instead.

misandry4eva replied to your post “Freakin’ LOVE Glasgow’s history with Nelson Mandela.”

um i dont mean to be ignorant (but i am) whats the history?

Basically in 1981, while much of the rest of the world still regarded Mandela a terrorist, Glasgow awarded him the Freedom of the City.  The Lord Provest of the city started the declaration for his release, which eventually gained the support of 56 countries and the United Nations.  Then we changed the name of the street in the city centre which the South African consulate was based in to ‘Nelson Mandela Place’!

Genuinely expecting The Queen’s Commonwealth message to officially open the games to be:  “Awrite, yer in Glasgow - away and get pished, man!”

Freakin’ LOVE Glasgow’s history with Nelson Mandela.

I was genuinely watching this opening ceremony with the expectation that I would hate it.  But, honestly, I’ve loved every minute - its like a bad acid trip was accidentally beamed to a billion homes worldwide.

The Team Scotland outfits are making my eyes vomit.