God, this new Ryan Adams single - Jacksonville - is beautiful.  Very, very Whiskeytownish.  I think it’s safe to say we can start calling him “prolific” again?

I’m kicking myself for not talking to this girl sooner.  She is crazy awesome.  Boy.

I really want Ryan Adams hair.

Nothing like 40 minutes sweating on the mat for creating a little Positive Mental Attitude.  I can’t imagine that the next ten hours at work will be any more fruitful than yesterday, but you have to OWN your life.  No-one can affect the decisions we were informed of yesterday, we can only react and adapt.  Today is the time to begin taking action and create an opportunity from a challenge.

Had a dream I was eating pizza last night.  Disappointed I woke up.

You lift me up, don’t you ever stop, I’m here with you
Now it’s all or nothing
‘Cause you say you’ll follow through
You follow me, and I, I, I follow you

(Source: Spotify)

Is this really what it’s come to?  Sitting alone on a Monday night listening to Bon Jovi?  Oh boy…

Actually, the saddest thing about this scenario is that I won’t be seeing her every other day.  That really sucks.

Because there’s always a cherry on top…

Life, eh?  The last 18 months or so have been kind of like a rollercoaster that only goes down, very rarely looping up.  I’ve experienced more turmoil and turbulence in the last 18 months than I had in the first 29 years of my life.  So it stands to reason that, as with all crap rollercoaster rides, there would be one last stupid big dip before it ends.

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